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3D models stucco Gaudi Decor in max format

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Added: admin, 05.04.2013
format models max : yes
texture: no
catalog in PDF: yes
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List of 3d models stucco decor Gaudi Decor

3D models decorative panels and elements
3D model cornices with a smooth profile
3D model cornices with ornament
3D model of columns, pilasters, capitals,pedestals
3D model circular borders
3D model of the dome
3D models moldings
3D model of a niche
3D model of framing for mirrors
3D model outline steps
3D model pilasters
3D models of Shelves
3D model ceiling rosettes
3D model angular elements and borders
3D models of fragments of cornices (brackets)
3D models of fragments of ornament (jewelry)
in the 3D model the elements of design Windows and doorways

Other models Gaudi Decor
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