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3d model children bunk bed PL-04_07 Timoore

Added: yog, 03.09.2014
Brand: Timoore
Сollection: Plus new line

Bunk bed with set of extensions Timoore PL-04_07

Exceptional, functional, impressive unusual design and unique constructive solutions - new LOFT bunk bed, - for all who are looking for their children unusual, original and practical furniture. Bunk bed LOFT includes some very interesting new technologies. The whole design of the furniture based on the colorful, painted panels, which when combined together form the beds back.Panel drilled a series of holes that serve as the basis both for the design and specially designed accessories (hooks, shelves, expanders). The main standard bed consists of a set of 18 expanders (braided rubber bands), so you can easily put to bed any notes, gifts, "reminder", photographs, drawings and many more pleasant things. Also available (on request) racks and shelves, which significantly enhance the functionality of the furniture.For each bed also comes with a special permanent marker that is designed for airbrushing the rear panel. LOFT is a comfortable space for two siblings, with him even a small room size can be fully used. Both beds have slatted pallets. Additional (optional) bed can be equipped with a container for bedding. Panel, top of the head restraint and the top footboard is available in six different colors. Panels are available in sets of two panels in each set.This means that you can choose a different color for each panel from the set. Compact size, huge number of color combinations, additional, unique accessories - it features the new, innovative bunk bed from TIMOORE.

height - 180 cm
width 191 cm
depth - 110 cm

File saved in version 3dsmax 2010, FBX archive includes earlier versions of the program and all the necessary texture. Materials VRay.

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