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3d model red leather sofa Chester 8 марта

red leather sofa Chester red leather sofa Chester
Added: 12.10.2012
country of production: Russia
style: modern
view: direct
Places: 3
padding: skin
decorative pillows: yes
sleeper: yes
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центральное представительство

г. Москва, ул. Автомоторная, д. 6Б.

(495) 956-88-88

the Frame of sofa is made of grooved pine lumber category 1 and birch plywood. Connection tongue and groove on the PVA glue and the clip “Senco” (the Netherlands). The flooring of the bed integrated, includes a spring snake, a gasket ensures high material, two layers of PUF and Asalex 200. To prevent early wear of covers furniture fabric separated from the flooring Spunbond-17. Visible and force elements of the sofa are made of metal. The guide rollers are made of beech Caucasian.Back cushions are not removable, with lowering of the backrest in the position of the “bed” cushion to fit in a specially equipped place in the cradle. Position in bed, any of the armrests on the seat of the sofa is rearranged in a specially equipped in the back of the technological gap. Thus, the armrests are mounted in a line on the surface of the bed in position “bed” left or right. The sofa seat, retractable seat and back cushions have decorative restricci, at the intersection of rastrick there are bands that give the effect of softness.On the convex planes of the seats of the sofa, back of sofa and back cushions allowed the formation of creases (whiskers). Around the perimeter of the sofa, including the cushions, the radii ustreznih seams slight dimensional. To set the sofa bed includes two removable headrest. The sofa can be made without decorative legs and decorative wood or decorative metallic legs. Attention! Removable armrests are power elements, i.e., fixing them in the housing seat and back are not rigid.Any cyclic load can lead to a disconnection with their body!

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