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3d model Sofa direct Golf 8 марта

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Sofa direct Golf Sofa direct Golf
Added: 13.10.2012
country of production: Russia
style: modern
view: direct
Places: 2
padding: skin
decorative pillows: yes
sleeper: yes
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центральное представительство

г. Москва, ул. Автомоторная, д. 6Б.

(495) 956-88-88

transformation System “Golf’

  • “vysokovaty” system with low start podgolovnymi pillows. The height of the place to sleep after the transformation of the sofa is not reduced, i.e. remains at the same level as for the seat cushion and podgolovnymi clean up in the back of the couch and sinks down into the body, which reduces the effort for the folding.
  • mechanism “Goose”to lift the back cushions.

Sofa beds “Golf 1.6-LSH” and “Голь1.6-LOU» differ by the width of the base, and with sofa beds “Golf with a 1.4-LOU», «Golf-1.8-LOU» and the dimensions of the bed.

Frame sofa bed is produced from the coniferous lumber category I and birch plywood. Connection frame pin, performed on the PVA glue and the clip “Senko”(USA).

Flooring sofa IC, includes two layers of foam of varying degrees of density and softness, lying on a flexible base having a protective strip of material ensures high. The top layer of LSC flooring “Golf 1.6-LSH” and “Golf 1.6-LOU” consists of Selexa-200 and LSC “Golf with a 1.8 LU” from Perioteka-300, to give the product the desired comfort.

back Cushion is made of a joinery frame, polyurethane foam with increased softness and perioteka-300, equipped with a mechanism "Goose” to lift them into the back of the body of the sofa. All the soft elements in the intersection of the stitching, there are bands that give the effect of softness. On the convex planes seat sofa, a retractable part allowed the formation of creases (whiskers). Around the perimeter of the sofa on the radii ustreznih seams slight dimensional.

Outer cover decorative pillows removable on “zipper”, the cover is easily removed for washing or replacement, if you decide to give the sofa a new “fresh”.Zipper is color coordinated to the fabric of the pillow.

Decorative plates back and armrests and  sofa legs are made of solid wood from firm breeds of wood (Beech / Oak), with age it becomes even more beautiful.

To protect the floor covering on the legs is set rubber glide, and supports roll-out of the parts of the sofa rubber-rollers.

the Sofa bed, “Golf with a 1.4-LOU” / “Golf 1.6-LOU»you can order genuine leather (“Golf-1.4, LU-K” / “Golf 1.6-LU-K”).

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