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3d model Sofa straight line - Hollywood 8 марта

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Sofa straight line - Hollywood Sofa straight line - Hollywood
Added: 13.10.2012
country of production: Russia
style: modern
view: direct
Places: 3
padding: tissue
decorative pillows: yes
sleeper: yes
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центральное представительство

г. Москва, ул. Автомоторная, д. 6Б.

(495) 956-88-88

Direct and proportional lines of this sofa are timeless. The first model, the wide (164 cm) and a perfectly flat bed, separated from the wall of the rear seat backrest that protects against contact with the wall and gives a special warmth and comfort.

Mechanism of transformation - “.”.

folding Method: a slight hand force applied to the mid side-bar (bottom), a seat sofa-bed rolls forward until it stops, opening the underwear drawer. Erratic rollers move through the beech rails, front rollers are installed in decorative legs. No need to lift the seat for the nomination. The centering rollers securely to insure against misalignment and jamming.Then the back is rotated about a horizontal axis, forming a bed of the bed.

the seat is spacious underwear drawer with a volume of 234 liters, with laminated cover. It conveniently wipe off the dust with a damp cloth in addition to linen, which is stored in the drawer, will never be leads.Also the box has ventilation holes to linen, and filler of the sofa could “breathe”.

Frame sofa grooved made of coniferous timber category 1 and birch plywood.Joints - tongue and groove, glue and furniture staples.

Power (most loaded) the sofa (frame retractable seat) is made of one of the most durable species of wood - beech Caucasian.

Flooring seat sofa "Hollywood Suite” and bed consists of:

1. Block of independent springs “Pocket Springs" technology and  equipment ‘Legett &Platt”. The number of independent springs in the block 341 is the Number of independent pieces of springs on 1 sq. m is 280 PCs.

2. In a special way perforated on the principle of "fish scale" of the protective layer lausuntoja ensures high canvases; 

3.  PPU;

4.  Asalex-2000 to give extra comfort;

5. Spunbond-17 to prevent early wear of cover;

Unique orthopedic properties of such a “cake” is the hallmark of LSC “Hollywood Suite”.

Cushions sofas “grey” orthopedic, consist of two layers of superior foam with different densities, wrapped material.-300  and a Spunbond-17.The pillows are of coarse calico pillowcase and removable covers.

Cushions sofas “soft” filled with fiber “Sorel”, which is a synthetic analogue of wool and has excellent hypoallergenic and hygienic properties.Inner covers made of Spunbond-60 combined with ensures high canvas (the back faces), and the outer covers are removable with zipper.

Decorative legs is made from solid wood from firm breeds of wood (Beech / Birch) or metal.

To protect the floor covering on the legs with the rubber thrust bearings, and wheel bearings - rubber rollers.

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